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  • Bumblebee Burnt Ivory Pillar Candle


    This 3" x 4-1/2" wave-top pillar candle features a honeycomb textured wax coating on the outside, and a smooth wax coating on the inside with a flame shaped lightbulb. There is an area on the pillar where the textured coating is smoothed out and a vintage illustration of a bumblebee is printed on the candle.

    Our timer pillars have two separate β€œon" functions. By switching to the β€œ1" position, the timer pillar will remain on until you turn it off. By switching to the β€œ2" position, the timer function is activated.

    The timer function means the candle stays on for 6 hours, goes off for 18 hours, and then automatically turns back on to repeat the cycle. The time that you originally flip the switch to the β€œ2" position will be the time it comes on each day. If you wish to reset the timer, turn the candle off and back on at the desired time.